The mission of PACS is to ease the suffering of stray and feral cats


How You can Help


Sponsor a Cat

There are approximately 30-35 feral cats at the Dockyard.  The cats have heated shelters, and are monitored daily by dedicated caregivers who provide food, water, and healthy treats.   Learn how you can contribute to their care through sponsorship.

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Buy Our Calendar

PACS largest fundraiser is the sale of the Dockyard Cats calendar.  All proceeds support the Dockyard Cats and other cats in need.



PACS is a non-profit organization that operates solely from fundraising, donations, and assistance from individuals/groups who support our mission.  Food, shelter supplies/maintenance, medicine, and veterinary bills are costly. All donations help stray and feral cats in need.


About PACS

Pierre’s Alley Cat Society (PACS) is a registered charity located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The mission of PACS is to ease the suffering of stray and feral cats. Since its incorporation in 2007, PACS volunteers have made a difference in hundreds of feline lives.


Meet The Dockyard Cats