This is the 11th year for the Dockyard Cats calendar. Each year the calendar grows more popular; it has reached supporters around the world. This is surely a testament to the popularity of cats, our fondness for them, and our desire to improve their lives.     

The photographs are taken by Pierre Filiatreault, founder and President of PACS, and caretaker of the Dockyard Cats.  Through the photographs, he is able to provide insight into the lives of these feral cats. They are charming animals, each with their own personality. Over the years some of the cats have become quite friendly with Pierre; others remain secretive and he sees only glimpses of them.   

Proceeds from calendar sales are used to help feral cats at the Dockyard as well as those throughout the region; food, shelter materials, and veterinary care is costly.

The calendar is 17.8 cm x 20.3 cm (7 inches x 8 inches).  All pictures are full color, and the story of PACS is included.  Price – $12.00 each (includes shipping in Canada). Additional fees apply for international shipping.

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