Sponsor a Dockyard Cat

  PACS has two levels of sponsorship for the Dockyard Cats –  junior sponsorship, and general sponsorship.

The Junior Sponsorship Program is intended to involve children and youth in the PACS mission, and help them understand responsibilities associated with caring for cats.  Children and youth may sponsor a Dockyard Cat for one year with a one-time payment of $60, or paid in monthly installments of $5.  While this fee does not fully cover the cost of caring for the selected cat, it does contribute to their care, thus instilling a sense of responsibilty and satisfaction.  It also provides early education on compassion and supporting worthy causes in the community.  Note – the child/youth must obtain parental consent.

The General Sponsorship Program covers the cost of monthly care of the cat.  You may sponsor a Dockyard Cat for one (or more) months for $35.00 per month or for one year for $420.  This amount contributes to food, vitamins, veterinary care, and shelter.

Review the offering of Dockyard Cats and descriptions, select the cat that you would like to sponsor, and submit the payment (make sure you indicate which cat you would like to sponsor, and include your address).

You will receive a sponsorship certificate with the cat’s name and picture.

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Grizonne is a very pretty cat. She was born in 2006 and lives at the Saraphyna Shelter.  It was only in 2010 that she approached Pierre, but he still cannot pet her.  She is extremely cautious; it was difficult to trap her for her spaying.

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Zoe is a beautiful petite girl. She loves to suntan, especially on the roof of any building that she can access! She also loves chicken treats (diced boneless skinless chicken breasts are her favorite) and uses special blinking to communicate with her caretakers.  Three of Zoe’s sister’s live in her colony:  Cleo, Grizone, and Trixy.

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Orancina is not able to meow, she can only make small peeping sounds.  She is beautiful and shy but she will come out to see Pierre. She is known for making an entrance, and arriving late for treats and mealtimes. She lives at the Saraphyna Shelter.

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Placid is the alpha male of approximately 12 cats that live at the Saraphyna Shelter. The cats accept him as Boss, in fact he has displaced other (strong) male cats in the colony.  Placid’s philosophy is “me first”.  He recently allowed Pierre to touch him.  Placid is the only white cat at the Dockyard.

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Trixy is everyone’s princess, she is a beautiful little lady.  She comes running when she sees Pierre, and greets him noisily. Trixy is very photogenic, and loves to have her picture taken. Pierre says she is the “pin-up girl” of the Dockyard cats.

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Baby Blue

Baby Blue was trapped by Pierre at the Dockyard in 2008.  His tail was broken, infected, and several bony segments were exposed.  He recovered well from the partial tail amputation, was neutered, and now lives at the Catty Shack.  Baby Blue is reclusive, but if seen he is easily recognizable with his mesmerizing blue eyes and short tail.  Baby Blue was featured on the cover of the 2013 Dockyard Cats calendar.

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Charley Brown

Charley Brown was born at the Dockyard in 2007.  He is the “media guy” (on Twitter), and loves to have his picture taken.  He is the tamest cat at the Dockyard.  He loves to be brushed, petted, and he enjoys daily treats from Pierre (ham is his favourite).  Charley Brown lives at the Saraphyna Shelter.

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Black Chin

 Black Chin is the oldest male cat at the Dockyard. He lives at the Catty Shack.  Black Chin is very shy, although he does not hide when Pierre comes for his daily visit.

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